1. asylum-art:

    Emir Šehanović

    Emir Šehanović is an artist hailing from Bosnia-Herzegovina who uses digitally manipulated images and vintage photos in a collage-like format to create these very unique figurative pieces. For his work, Šehanović will use both traditional collage mediums as well as combining digital techniques to achieve the particular look and emotion in his pieces.

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  2. hardnipplesforever:

    Fearlessly Sailing Off The Edge Of The Flat Earth. by jonmmmayhem.

    from a shoot last month with the lovely VexVoir. she’s good company.

    there will be more pictures of her HERE.

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  4. serebreve:

    Hay algo en esta serie de pinturas de Amy Casey que me recuerda a las ciudades invisibles de Calvino (vía Holga).

  5. eaudubain:

    Oswaldo Guayasamin

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  6. apolloniasaintclair:


    Apollonia Saintclair 445 - 20140101 La célébration privée (The private New Year’s party)

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  8. blaqmagic:

    not natashsa,” a photographic essay on eastern european sex trafficked slaves by dana popa

    (documentary, the real sex traffic; film, lilya 4-ever)

    this is so fucking upsetting 

  9. dappledwithshadow:

    The Smokers, Honore Daumier

    c. 1855

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  10. robotgod:


    "TALKING HEADS" (GADAJACE GLOWY): a short documentary, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski in 1980, turns a simple idea into a masterpiece: ordinary people of different age and background in Poland were asked 3 simple questions. Their spontaneous responses reveal the way they see life…

    Part 1: “WHO ARE YOU?”: A difficult question with a simple answer…

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  11. nuclearharvest:

    This is How We Were Told Go by Nicholas Ives

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  13. The Bizarre Street Art of Daan Botlek | via

    Street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is known for his strange form of character-driven street art. His generally simplistic, site-specific figures often interact with the space around them, passing in and out of unseen dimensions, shedding skin in the process. Kind of like morbid Keith Haring, no? You can see much more of his work over on Flickr.

    CJWHO:  facebook  |  twitter  |  pinterest  |  subscribe

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  14. deformed-babies:

    Neural Tube Defects.

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